Best Oculus Quest 2 Charge accessories – what's worth the cash?

Best Oculus Quest 2 Charge accessories – what's worth the cash?

    There aren't many better VR headsets out there than the Meta Quest 2, which offers a smooth wireless experience, meaning you can start playing anywhere without being confined near your PC computer. You can enjoy great games like Resident Evil 4 and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, while you can also connect it to your PC to enjoy the huge library of Steam VR games.

    As amazing as it is to use the Quest 2 without any wires holding you down, you will still be limited by the battery life. Once you start wanting to dive into VR for longer periods of time, or simply forget to recharge between sessions, the Quest 2's default battery life will quickly become a point of frustration. The Quest 2 only lasts about 2.5 hours on a full charge, and will run out of juice if you leave it on standby. No matter what you do, you'll probably run out of juice very quickly.

    DESTEK solutions to this problem, most of which I have purchased for use, so let's take a look below at how to choose from these Quest 2 charging accessories.

①:DESTEK QH2 Face Pressure-Free 7000mAh Battery Pack Headphones Head Strap for Meta/Oculus Quest 2


    The monthly family playtime is my happiest time, we tend to share fun games together, after have the quest 2, I have quickly become closer to my children, every time my children and we exchange play, adjusting the head strap is often a repetitive and tedious task, this DESTEK double adjustable head strap with battery makes my children love it.

    With the dual knob adjustment, you can quickly adjust to the most comfortable wearing style that each person likes. And the no-pressure mode for the face is perfect for my son, plus the battery pack added to the back not only takes the pressure off the face, but also makes it easy for him to play more hours.

Reasons to Buy:Face Pressure-Free

                             Extending 3 hours play time

                             Easily adjustable

    Suitable for scenes and people: when family members take turns to play, they can adapt to different people's head shape to quickly adjust the comfortable wear, and can continue to play games for a long time, others do not have to wait for the charge before playing.

②:DESTEK Elite Strap with 8000mAh Battery for Meta Quest 2

    The time spent playing Oculus quest 2 was very enjoyable, but the most painful part for me was when the battery warning popped up while I was happily playing and I had to stop playing to wait for Quest 2 to recharge, which was very frustrating. When I wanted to keep playing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, I often had to stop wait charge, so I finally found this DESTEK elite strap with battery.

    For starters, the added weight of the battery strap is a good thing -- because it's in the back of the headset, it causes a balancing effect that removes pressure from your nose and forehead. The battery also adds 5 hours of gameplay, and you never have to take it off. If you want to charge the headset, you just charge the battery. The power will flow through to both with no noticeable performance differences. It's such a joy to use that I genuinely can't imagine using a Quest 2 without one at this point.

Reasons to Buy:Easily adjustable
                             Fits perfectly
                             Extend 5 Hours Playtime

    Suitable for scenarios and people: play large games do not want to be tied to the line, but also need to play games for a long time without interruption using the battery elite strap to extend playtime.

③:DESTEK Fast Charging Carrying Case for Oculus Quest 2


    The DESTEK OC1 Charging Carrying case is the best Oculus Quest 2 carrying case if you’re looking for a good quest 2 carrying case.

    The lining of the other cases felt fairly rough with a scratchy finish, whereas this truly feels soft, and you can hear the difference when you fit your Oculus Quest 2. It’s pretty quiet as you slot the headset and controls into the indentations, and on top of feeling nice, the soft finish helps protect the device if it moves around. Because of the indentations, our Quest remained pretty secure, and the elastic strap kept the controllers in place. The case is made of premium EVA and so on multilayer material which is good water resistance, hard, reliable, scratch-resistant, and shockproof than other charging stations on the market.

    It also supports charging the Quest 2 and battery elite strap in the case, using a unique magnetic design to quickly charge the Quest 2 in the case. It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge the Quest 2. It’s not the cheapest design, but you get what you pay for.

Reasons to Buy:Fast & Safe Charging

                              Perfect Protection

                              Compatible 90% Elite Strap

    Suitable for scenes and people: at home after playing put into the charging carrying case immediately start charging convenient and quick, carry out safe and beautiful, but also can provide sufficient security protection.

④:DESTEK Fast Charging Power Bank for Meta/Oculus Quest 1/2

    One of the best things about a wireless VR headset like the Quest 2 is sharing it with others. Having brought my headset to a number of parties, I can say that hearing a disappointed "aww, OK" when you tell someone they can't play because the battery died is a real bummer. I've used third-party battery packs that clip to your belt in the past to keep other headsets going, but the DESTEK Power Bank for the Quest 2 is something entirely different.

     First of all, DESTEK CP3 Power Bank is so light that it won't add weight to make you comfortable when ues Quest 2, while it can quickly recharge your Quest 2 and you can keep playing games without waiting for charging. And a CP3 is so small and portable that you only need to keep 2 in your pocket when you're out and about, and rotate them when you need them, so you can play forever without stopping.

Reasons to Buy:Safe & Faster Charging


                             Easy replacement

    Suitable for scenes and people: easy to carry with you, out of the party to play without power in the pocket to pull out and plug in can continue to play.

⑤:DESTEK 16ft Link Cable for Oculus Quest 1/2


    Perhaps the Quest 2’s most compelling feature is that you can use it both as a standalone all-in-one VR headset, but also connect it to a Windows PC to play PC VR games originally intended for other headsets, like the HTC Vive. All you need is a long Oculus Link-compatible USB cable. Well, you don’t get more compatible than DESTEK Link Cable. Fast charging and data transfer: Compatible with Oculus software, USB 3.2 GEN 1 data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, which allows connection to Oculus Link programs without delay.

Reasons to Buy:Fast Transmission & Safe Charging

                            16 Feet Length


 Suitable for scenes and people: connect the computer to play PC VR games, high-speed transmission + fast charging, 16ft length, smooth gaming experience.


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