CBS Sports uses AR technology for Super Bowl LIII coverage

CBS Sports uses AR technology for Super Bowl LIII coverage

CBS Sports announced plans to use AR in the Super Bowl LIII report at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, to bring audiences an unprecedented American football experience.

The National Football League and CBS have confirmed 4 cameras dedicated to AR for live broadcast during large-scale games. The bird's-eye view is very cool.

The CBS Sports Super Bowl team promises to provide a wealth of AR broadcasts that will be used in real time during the comment period; strive to push the live sports broadcasts in the next few years to new directions, and even change the way you experience all future NFL games at home.

CBS will use AR to provide information about player statistics. Today you can use AR to do more than just adding team banners and digital team gatherings in front of game commentators.

The AR experience includes chroma keying effects and data-driven 3D graphics. In this case, they can interact with players on the court; in the process, create for you and your friends during the Super Bowl An interesting AR information layer. "AR technology" will bring a virtual level to sports broadcasting. "On this level, presenters can better interpret the visual presentation of data, make complex data easier to understand, and enhance the ability to tell stories."

In order to really help improve the fan experience of Super Bowl LIII, CBS plans to use 115 cameras to play the game, including 16 4K cameras, 9 Sony HDC-4800 camera systems, on-site handheld wireless cameras, and many built-in racks. A camera runs along one side of the court, three super slow motion shots are targeted for positions, and more than 25 cameras are placed around the area.


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