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How to choose the right VR device

How to choose the right VR device


        VR, full name "Virtual Reality", that is, virtual reality, referred to as VR. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world. It provides users with simulations of senses such as sight, hearing, and touch, so that users can experience things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unrestricted manner. .
        If you still do n’t understand it, it is simpler to deceive your brain through hardware peripherals, so that the virtual scene you see is considered real (out of reality).
         Now VR technology is more and more mature, the VR equipment on the market is diversified, and the price ranges from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. So what is the difference between them? Or, for us consumers, how should we choose to buy it?

First of all, we have to figure out what types of VR devices are currently on the market?

The first: PC-side VR

        This requires a computer, such as htc vive, oculus, ps vr. This type of vr is currently the best. It belongs to professional-grade glasses, the user experience is very good, but the price is also very high, except that the price of glasses is 500 Above $, you also need a computer with more than 970 graphics card (powerful computing depends on desktop support), which may require more than $ 1,000 in total. Secondly, using this VR requires a certain open space, and will be bound by the data line when experiencing some movable games.
         This kind of VR is very cool to play games, but it will be slightly troublesome when installing and using. The effect of watching videos is similar to that of all-in-one VR and mobile VR. Suitable for enthusiasts of VR games.

The second: VR All-in-one Headset

         All-in-one VR, it has independent CPU, input and output display function, completely compact computer, transmission line and other things that hinder things, only between $ 199-399, then friends should say this should be true VR , But the market share of built-in multi-function VR in 2019 is less than 5% (the most is mobile VR, followed by PC-side VR), why?

       In short, all-in-one is the mobile phone screen of a VR manufacturer that is required by VR glasses manufacturers. If the resolution of the phone is not low (1080P or higher), adding the phone to the VR of the phone will not make much difference. Very large, if your phone has a higher resolution, congratulations, even the experience is better than some all-in-one experiences.
       Of course, all-in-one also has his advantages. The phone is cited because it is made for VR and the screen resolution will be better.

The third: mobile VR

        Mobile VR, also called VR glasses box, can be used as long as it is placed in a mobile phone. For example, the earliest Google Cardboard required only a paper box and two lenses to cooperate with a mobile phone to experience the most basic VR. For those who are new to VR for the first time and want to experience VR experience, consider starting a mobile VR. Early adopter experience at the best price. The higher the resolution of your phone, the better the experience.
If you want to watch 3D movies or play some lightweight VR games, choose a good mobile VR to get started easily.
      For example, DESTEK VR glasses, from V1 to V5, have been continuously optimized. The design of the engineering shell, anti-blue lens does not hurt the eyes, choose the most comfortable mask material, soft and breathable when wearing, with interpupillary adjustment function, can adapt to different Crowd, buy one and go back to the family can use it.
      There is also a remote control version, which can be used with the remote control to experience more fun and interesting games.

       In summary, if you are a VR enthusiast and want to experience large-scale VR games enthusiastically, pursue the best VR effects, and have ample budget, then you can consider buying PC-side VR;
       If your budget is not sufficient, or if you are experiencing VR for the first time, you can buy a VR glasses case. Whether it is watching 3D movies or playing VR games, you can easily and comfortably experience.


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