The VR industry presents huge development potential

The VR industry presents huge development potential

Waves of the VR market are rising, and mobile VR games are expected to seize the opportunity. With the entry of domestic and foreign giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Sony, and HTC in recent years, the VR industry has shown great development potential.

The industry trends are mainly reflected in two aspects:

First, VR is an experience-intensive and immersive technology. But for now, the experience of immersion on mobile phones is weak, and it is difficult for users to truly experience and understand what VR is all about, but the hardware on the host and PC can do it.

Second, in terms of willingness to pay, the core game users may still be more on the host side. These users are willing to pay and are relatively fixed. Many people have been in contact with games since they were young, and even if they have their own children, they are still willing to pay; but there are more people eating melons on mobile phones and relatively mobile.

Each link of the traditional game market has been very complete, and the division of labor is very clear. The distribution of mobile VR games is still a relatively blank market. Even PC/host VR games and offline releases are still in the stage of crossing the river by feeling the stones. However, the popularity of "Pokemon Go" has allowed us to see players' enthusiasm for augmented reality, and the immersive experience of VR is undoubtedly better than AR.

With the development of the industry in the past year, the hardware experience has been optimized to a certain extent, some high-quality content has appeared on the market, and some problems have been solved. But between content and channels, VR game distribution is seriously missing. This makes it difficult for good content to be exported and monetized, and channels can only be digging hard in the vast array of content. Mobile VR games want to explode, and it is urgent to solve this "last mile" problem. Of course, the development of mobile VR is still in its infancy. With the continuous advancement of hardware technology, it is bound to see its rapid development. When tracking and positioning will be combined with mobile VR, they will become smaller and lighter, augmented reality and virtual Reality will combine.

Only to satisfy users and experience more and more mobile VR games that meet the standard can the market potential be developed. At this stage, mobile VR games should start with social and networking functions, and make use of their portable characteristics to make lightweight products. For developers, the development of mobile VR is still in its infancy. The development of mobile VR games is like dancing in shackles. It is very difficult to find the most interesting gameplay within limited performance and achieve the goal of monetization. Mobile The outbreak of the VR game market will not come in the short term, and may even come later than PCVR.

When the VR wave continues to rise, mobile VR games are bound to be promising. How will future mobile VR games fly into the homes of ordinary people with game publishing? We will wait and see!


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