Why did I saw the double image and blur on V5 VR headset?

Why did I saw the double image and blur on V5 VR headset?

If you saw the double image and blur on the V5 VR headset. Don't worry, let's see if the following ways can solve:

First,  there are two pupil adjustment buttons which can best suit your pupil distance, please adjust the pupil button to sides or center to fit your eyes pupil and make sure the center of the VR content corresponds to the center of the lens,  kindly note the adjustment range is 2.2in-2.83in (56-72mm).

Second, we have attached a QR code inside the VR headset lid, please scan the code to set up the relative parameter,

then the phone screen will automatically scale to the most suitable size that best fits the app.
Important Note:
Please make sure that the app you play is the latest version, please see the blow photos difference.

Non-latest VR game

Latest VR game.

If the VR apps were not the latest version, the VR apps were not displayed fully on the screen of your phone, so the VR image will be further reduced. When it is reduced to the minimum interpupillary range of our V5 VR, which is 2.2inch, you will see a double image and blur.

To resolve this issue, you have to update the VR apps to the latest version, make the VR image fully displayed on your phone screen. But some VR apps still can not be updated to fully displayed fully, you have to try other apps, such as Youtube VR, Netflix VR, Within, VR games made by Fibrum: Mad Race VR, ZombieShooter.


Why did I saw the blurry image?

Different mobile phones and VR apps will have different image resolutions. We recommend using high-definition mobile phones and VR content.
Please check follow, even the same mobile phone with different VR content, their screen clarity is different.

Clear VR game:

Blurry VR game:


We recommend our users use a high-definition mobile phone, better than 720P, download the high-definition VR video, games, apps. When watching the movie via Youtube VR, set the definition to 1080P, you will enjoy the fantastic VR experience.


That's our solution, if you still have issues, please feel free to contact our customer service: support@destekgear.com.



Have a good day.




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