Controller Grips for Quest Pro

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you ever so much for ordering DESTEK CB2 Hand Grips.

While developing the hand grips, we didn't consider that they would interfere with the integrated charging dock, and we're here to help:

Temporary short-term solution

Take off the upper portion of the hand grips so that they won't obstruct charging, and they can easily be put back on once charging is completed.

Final long-term solution

A lot of effort has gone into designing an adaptor for the controller/charging dock right now, so you can use it with your integrated charging dock without taking off the grips partially. Please contact us in order to receive this adapter when it becomes available (est. end of January).

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please let us know if you need any post-order services.

You can reach us at or by the details in your package.

Warmest regards,

DESTEK customer service team