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Suggestions to help you get the most out of your time

1. If you want to enjoy 3D movies or games in 1080p or higher, you need use a smartphone with a resolution of at least 400ppi.

2. When using it for the first time, it is advised that you use it for no more than half an hour. Please remove the VR headset and sit down if you are uncomfortable.

3. If the lens fogs up during usage due to a temperature differential between the interior and exterior, wipe it off with a glasses cloth before continuing to use it. It won't fog up again until the temperature difference has vanished.

4. You can easily clean or replace the face pad and head strap because they are removable.

Blurry image

1 -If you're nearsighted, you can fix the blur problem by adjusting the focus with the focal adjustment knob on the right side of the headset.

2 - The screen resolutions of your mobile phone are connected to sharpness. When utilizing VR with a lesser resolution, the pixels on the phone screen will appear to be rather huge. More significantly, if the VR source you download isn't crisp enough, the picture won't be clear enough when you use VR. When watching videos on YouTube, set the resolution to 1080P or the highest possible.

3 - Before using the lens, please remove the protective film from the lens.

4 - When using your phone, turn off the "Auto-Brightness Adjustment" feature.

5 - Align the split screen with the alignment line and focus the picture using the interpupillary distance slider and the focal adjustment knob.

6 - Clean your phone's screen and lens on a regular basis.

7 - Install the most recent version of the VR software.

8 - Image clarity may be affected with a matte screen protector.

Double Vision

1 - Set the proper pupil distance such that the V6 pupil distance is the same as the distance between the centers of two VR pictures.

2 - Your phone's split-screen line is not aligned with the V6 centerline, or the phone is not horizontally positioned.

3 - Download the most recent version of the VR App, and use Google Cardboard to scan V6's viewer profile information on the backside of the VR front cover to calibrate your VR screen to be compatible with its lens.

Dizziness/headache (Visual-Vestibular Mismatch)

When your eyes tell your brain you're moving rapidly in a VR game, but your body feels like it's standing still, in order to warn you, your brain will make you dizzy or give you headaches.

It is preferable to switch to a different app that offers less intensive information at a slower pace. After every half-hour of VR use, we recommend taking a break.

Download the VR App

1 - Android users may utilize Google Play to search for "VR" and download VR apps.

2 - IOS users may utilize the Apple App Store to search for "VR" and get VR apps.

3 - To see our selections, go to the DESTEK Recommended VR Apps page.

4 - Choose apps from Google Cardboard's app recommendations.

Foggy lens

If the lens fogs up while wearing it owing to a temperature difference between the inside and outside, wipe it clean with a glasses cloth before continuing to use it. It won't fog up again until the temperature difference has dissipated after 2 minutes of wearing.


TV6 is compatible with smartphones with gyroscopes that have a display size of 4.5 to 6.8 inches and a width of less than 3.27 inches (83 mm). If your phone cover is larger than the maximum size, please remove it.

Touch Button Doesn't Work

1 - Double-check that the VR app you're using supports the touch button feature. Please see the DESTEK recommended VR Apps page for touch button-enabled apps.

2 - Because certain mobile phones have curved edges, the conductive silicone pad may not entirely adhere to the screen. Adjust the phone holder from the three places to remedy the problem in this scenario.

3 - Check to see whether your phone's screen size is within the range of what our VR can handle (try to use EVA pads to heighten the position of your phone).

4 - If the contact with the conductive silicone pad is affected by the phone screen protector edge, please adjust the phone holder.

5 - Remove your gloves since they will shield your finger from static electricity, causing the button to malfunction.

6 - If the edge of your phone cover is higher than the edge of your phone screen, the conductive silicone pad will not entirely adhere to the screen.

Uncomfortable to wear

The head straps' lengths may be modified to fit your needs better. Adjusting the headset to the most comfortable position will help relieve pressure on your nose and face, and we also recommend taking a break after a half-hour of watching VR content.

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