DESTEK Carrying Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2, Lightweight, Portable Protection Large VR Case Compatible with Elite Strap

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DESTEK Carrying Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Why Choose our VR Headset Carrying Case for Oculus Quest 2?

DESTEK specially designed upgraded carrying case for Oculus Quest 2, larger than our previous generation black one. Universal better than the size of the market, you do not even need to disassemble the Oculus and accessories directly into the case, the handle remote control directly fixed, will not shift.

Of course, we upgrade can not only size, in the version, we professional design, more in line with the curvature of the Oculus, the color this time is a senior gray, complementary to Oculus, beautiful and comfortable.

In the same time, replaced with high quality and more durable, greater force material. The improved weight is nearly half of the same model in the market! Lighten your load and travel easier!

And also, the internal compartment with grid zipper is installed, suitable for storing accessories, large space, comes with lens protection cover, full wrap-around protection, easy on the go game.

DESTEK Carrying Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
DESTEK Carrying Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

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