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DESTEK Controller Grips for Meta Oculus Quest 2 - Extended Handle and Easy Battery Replacement, VR Accessories with Silicone Cover and Leather Adjustable Hand Knuckle Straps

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Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2

Top Version Grip Cover Compatible with Quest 2 with Battery Opening
Have you ever had a complaint that the original controllers are not long enough and there is no grip so they slip out of your hands if you start to sweat?

Now DESTEK design releases this controller grips cover completely newly upgraded to protect your controller in all directions and lets you have a better VR experience.

+ Lengthen the bottom of the controller

+ Thickened and widened hand strap design

+ Solve the trouble of battery replacement

+ Provides better protection for your controllers

Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2

More Ergonomic for People with Larger Hands: In order to meet the needs of people with different hand types, we have thickened and lengthened our grips cover, perfectly solving the problem of small controllers easily slipping from hands due to sweat. DESTEK design is committed to making your hand movements smoother, and holding the controller more comfortably.

Solve the Trouble of Battery Replacement: The battery compartment design allows you to easily replace the battery without removing the entire controller grips cover. We are committed to perfecting the details, widening and thickening the battery pull tab on the original basis, making it easier for you to replace the battery. Tips: The plastic battery pull tab is placed under the battery.

Perfectly Protect The Controllers: The combination of the grips cover and transparent halo protector perfectly protects the controller, preventing the controllers from slipping out of your hands by accident while you are playing games, and protects the touch controllers from scratching and soiling and does not block infrared rays and control signals.

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