How the Arrival of 5G Technology Is Beneficial For the Virtual Reality

How the Arrival of 5G Technology Is Beneficial For the Virtual Reality


5G is all about high-speed data transmission and hyper-connected life. This new technology offers great connectivity and creates new value for both individuals and enterprises.

With 5G, technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence, network slicing, and automation will drive the new business models. In addition to these technologies, the 5G also impacts the VR Market and increase the growth of the VR sector as well.

According to the study by Gartner, by the next year, 100 million consumers will use VR for online shopping and in-store. This becomes possible due to thehigh-speed network – 5G.

Here are the other benefits of 5G for the virtual reality and augmented reality sector:

The Cloud

Currently, many VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) need a powerful system to run them. This means you cannot enjoy VR everywhere as it is confined to a certain location.

But, the 5G can increase the storage, power consumption, and processing power from the PC into the edge cloud. It means. With 5G, you only need a headset, which works for VR anytime, anywhere.

Further, this next generation of networks will add new sensations and give an amazing user experience to VR users.

Connectivity in 5G Technology

Note that VR and AR, are sensitive to network performance. It means any interruption can have a significant negative impact on using VR.

Nowadays, consumers are demanding more data than ever, especially for quality videos and audios. And existing spectrum bands are unable to cope with the increasing demand for data transfer. This can impact VR users in many ways.

But, with 5G, there will be no such issue of more data. Hence it gives you the best VR video experience. Here are some features of 5G that make it best for VR and AR technology.

  • Data Transfer Speed: The complete 360-degree frame of VR application or immersive gaming needs to be sent at below than 20 ms lag. This is why 5g is a must for VR, as it can transfer more data without creating any disturbance.
  • No Data Congestion: The higher bandwidth consumption of 5G helps in providing a non-pixelated and non-lagged experience for HD and 4K videos. It also does not create any congestion when you play videos or games in VR mode.
  • High-Frequency Band Required: The highest bandwidths such as 10Gbps and 40Gbps are possible with a 5G network. This is what users need to get a high-end experience of VR and AR.

Final Words

In the current time, when everything is moving toward digitalization, the demand for high data increases. To fulfill this demand and to give VR users a great experience, 5G technology is the solution. It is also assumed that the 5G network can provide billions of connections, which is a must for VR technology.

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