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*Note: Bluetooth remote controller does not support Daydream apps.
Why can't use the remote controller to play games with iPhones?

1. iOS does not open the game portal for Bluetooth, but you could use the remote to adjust volume and switch videos between playlisted VR videos at Youtube by pressing the joystick towards X key direction without having the need to remove your phone from the VR headset.
2. Android phones have all functions for the remote controller.

We noticed that there is a recent iOS bug causing flickering/flashing screen. To resolve it, here are solutions: 

1. Turn your phone off and on. 
2.Make sure your iOS and VR app is in the latest version or try the Apple beta version
 For more details on how to update the beta version, please see:

If the issue persists, try another app and turn your phone off and on. NOTE: If you don't have this glitch, don't update your iOS.

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