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Who we are 

What is DESTEK, it means Design & Technology. Design & Technology come from imagination and creativity, which bring joy into our life. DESTEK focuses on the integration of design and technology, endowing products with a sense of design and technical spirit, conveying our pursuit of life.

DESTEK inherits the design and manufacturing of unparalleled and brings excellent user experience to our consumers. Sometimes we may not guarantee our product innovation leads the industry, however, we fully ensure that all DESTEK manufactured products in close to the harsh quality demand, to make sure product functionality, security, reliability, and high quality.

Two examples as below:

Our VR enjoyed great popularity on Amazon us in the Christmas season,2016. We eventually prefer to lose market sales instead of selling unqualified products to our consumers since our manufacturers handed over 3 times nonconforming products in the supply of inventory to capture more market sales.

We detected there are quality risks on the first batch of devoted Sonicpower in January 2017. Without any hesitation, we destroyed nearly $30.000 inventories. And we firmly execute that never sell any quality risks to the consumer.

We will always insist on the serious,harsh attitude towards the function and quality to ensure each consumer can acquire the best experience from DESTEK products.