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Experience extreme viewing through VR

Experience extreme viewing through VR

Now the nCoV-EMC is getting more and more serious. Many friends can only stay at home and cannot go out to play. Today, I will teach you how to experience the ultimate feeling of watching a movie at home.

1: A mobile phone, the greater the resolution of the phone, the better the experience;
2: DESTEK V5 VR headset;
3: The movie or VR video you want to watch;
To get the same experience in a movie theater, there are a few things to keep in mind when watching movies with VR.
1: Adjust VR glasses to fit your pupil distance and focal distance.
Please refer to Chapter 2 for specific operations.
2: The center scale of the mobile phone and VR glasses is aligned, as shown in the figure below。
3: Video search HD resources, preferably with a resolution of 2K or higher. Does not blur or jagged when viewed.

After meeting the above conditions, you will realize the advantages of watching movies with VR glasses,
The first is convenience, bedtime, rest, bed, sofa, sitting, lying down. Watch your favorite videos on the go.
Then immersed in it, watching 3D movies, it feels like watching 3D movies in the cinema,
Panoramic video lets you truly immerse yourself, watching 360 ° images, and pairing with a Bluetooth headset is like walking through the position in the video.
Having said so much, go and experience it.

Finally, I recommend several VR player apps for everyone to better watch VR 3D videos.
①: Youtube
Supported platforms: ios, Android.
Supports converting ordinary movies to 3D mode for viewing and 360 ° panoramic video area, and supports touch play / pause, previous, next, you can also use DESTEK V5 to fast forward and rewind to someone at a certain point in time Available at the touch of a button.
②: within VR
Supported platforms: iOS, Android.
Professional VR video applications, there are many high-definition VR videos, but the capacity is very large, it is recommended to watch after downloading under wifi;
③: Veer VR
Supported platforms: ios, Android
1: Choose a large number of VR videos worldwide, and choose and recommend the highest quality virtual reality videos every day, including movies, TV, animation, travel, sports, beauty, entertainment, and technology. The various categories are shocking.
2: Professional dedicated VR video player, immersive interaction, professional anti-distortion, ultra-high-definition low-latency, downloadable online, all VR glasses are compatible!
④: VR Cinema Player-lrusu
Supported platforms: ios, Android
It gives you the same environmental experience as watching a movie in a movie theater. You can play local movies and watch them in 3D.

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